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The Performance Support Revolution

Performance Support Revolution

The Performance Support community is getting active again. Bob Mosher and Con Gottfredson, two official gurus of the movement, have recently launched their new performer support website on Ning: (http://performersupport.ning.com).

They make a strong case for including performance support in the eLearning solution set. I think it’s even stronger than the case they make. Here’s why:

There are two major areas where performance support is a win, Formal and Informal training.

1. Formal training: The biggest problem with formal training is usually budget – everything from the resources to create it to the time commitment to attend it. Of course, it still takes some resource to create PS solutions, but including this solution in your repertoire means you have an option can eliminate formal training and turn it into a “just in time with just enough” solution. Having a job aid, reference tool, special calculator, or other support tool may be all the learner needs instead of attending a four hour training course. It is an efficient and effective solution to the budget issue of formal training.

2. Informal training. With all the resource issues swirling around formal training, who has time to improve informal training? Yet it’s clear that 90% of what people learn about their job is from informal sources. So even a small percentage lift in informal training has a major effect on employee productivity.

Everyone knows of the post-its found on the side of the screen that have those invaluable bits of information that make the job go easier. Every job has some arcane information you only hear about by the watercooler or at a conference or when getting to talk with someone in the “other division” who has come up against the same problems. Getting folks to share that kind of information yields big benefits for all employees who face the same challenges. Sharing this information on a forum, a wiki or blog is an easy way to accelerate informal learning. This provides a way of disseminating those job aids, cheat sheets, and helpful sticky notes of information you eventually come up with when learning the ropes of a new job to the folks who really need them, authored by the folks who actually use them.

So in the end what’s more revolutionary in training than saying you don’t need to be out for three days to take this training course when all you really need is a two hour module and a great job aid?  Or maybe even forget all the training and just use this job aid.

Viva la revolution!