Electric Cars and the Nationwide Charging Network

They call it range anxiety. You are driving an electric car and the charge starts dropping towards zero. What do you do?

So the smart thing to do is always carry your 120 volt plug in charger with you so you won’t be completely stranded. there are 120 volt outlets everywhere. A $2 donation to your charging host will more than pay for an entire night’s charge.

However, at a the 120 volt charging rate of 3-4 miles per charging hour, you may be waiting a while for your return trip. Given that you have a quick-charge option on your electric car, you should look into the following charging networks. I’m in Atlanta, GA so the info is based on this area, but still useful nationwide:

1. Chargepoint http://www.chargepoint.com/network/

– lots of charging stations,
– some are free to charge (mostly cars dealers)
– their charge card is free
– phone app – but only shows their locations

2. EVGo http://www.nrgevgo.com

– more hi-speed charging stations
– fewer stations overall, but in key places like shopping malls
– all cost money to charge
– $5.00 setup fee for the pay as you go plan & $5.00 per session plus charge fees – usually 20 cents per minute for hi-speed charge (30 minutes for 80% LEAF charge)

I recommend getting both cards for the best nationwide charging access. You need the cards for best use of the stations, though you can call Chargepoint without a card and they’ll activate a station over the phone for you the first time.

3. Plugshare http://www.plugshare.com/

– great site for mapping Chargepoint, NRGEVgo and independent locations
– virtual community that shares whether or not stations are available and working
– free – just sign up
– nice phone app but it takes lots of memory – I use the website with my tablet instead

Armed with these charging resources, you have a powerful antidote to range anxiety.


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