Learning Highlights

This is the third year in a row I have worked “Tech Central” at Elliott Masie’s Learning conference. I count on this conference to keep abreast of important trends in the learning and management fields. This year proved no exception.  It was three solid days of stimulating presentations and dialogue.

Elliott has created a “curated content” site where you can enjoy some of the highlights of his interviews and presentations.   I have curated the curated and have added some of my own links as well to give you my personal favorites:

Nigel Paine

The Power of Search / Global Learning

Donald Taylor

Changing Competancies in Learning / Importance of Networks 

Sir Ken Robinson

Technology Impact on Memorization

Dave Hopla

Muscle Memory and Visualization  (This is one of Dave’s youtube’s )

Anne Hermann-Nehdi

The Importance of Context

Claire O’Connell

Crowdsourcing Cognitive Research

Paul LeBlanc

College for America – A new model for higher education


Ed Behan was found walking around the conference with a small HD video camera perched on his head.  Turns out he was broadcasting realtime HD video to the cybersphere with their new Fieldcaster unit.

Sir Ken Robinson (again)

Sir Ken also shared this wonderfully uplifting video on the Landfill Harmonic showing us how ingenuity triumphs adversity.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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