Malware and Virus Threats Raise the Stakes

The recent spate of high profile commercial website hacks have shown that hackers have raised the stakes for the average business and consumer user. When normally trusted sites are compromised, users are left unprotected.

For example, you receive an email from your favorite bank, home improvement or craft store site.  You click on their coupon or special and are forwarded to their trusted site. Your email virus scanner will check the site and your browser scanner will check the page content for malware.  The next time you access that email, most scanners will not re-check.

This is no longer sufficient!  Because trusted sites are being hacked to redirect your browser to a malware site, you need virus and malware scanners that check on every click.

With state-sponsored hackers and criminal gangs funding hacker teams,  computer security threats are at an all time high.

There are three things you can do to afford yourself basic protection:

1. Make sure your operating system is up to date.  Turn on automatic updates. That means Windows XP is a no-no. Upgrade or better yet do yourself a bigger favor and get a new computer with Windows 7 or higher.

2. Enable the automatic backup feature in your operating system.

3. Use a quality virus scanner that offers click time scanning.

I think that the new level of computer security threats are so great that I will be hosting an additional blog on the topic and will be announcing it on this blog soon!


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