Leveraging Social Media for Your Event

Thank you to the more than fifty very attentive attendees of my course “Leveraging Social Media to Extend the Reach and Impact of Your Event” at the  Exhibitor 2011 conference.  My key message:  Using a combination of blogging, Twitter and podcasting before, during and after the event is much more powerful than using any one of these alone.  You can cross-promote yourself this way. You extend your reach both in terms of readers and followers. You also can extend your reach geographically by encouraging Twitter back channel  activity during your event.

Speaking  of Twitter back channel. I described three modes of Twitter back channel use:  Single Channel Presenter Feedback, Single Channel Audience Feedback, and Multi-Channel Audience Feedback using Tweetgrid or Tweetdeck.  (Note that I did not include anything about “follower feedback” 😉 ).

Here is a list of inexpensive cameras that make creating YouTube Videos quite easy: Kodak ZX10 series,  Samsung HMX series and the really inexpensive Vivitar DVR series. The most powerful tip for improving video quality is to light the scene really well.  If you do you will find any of these capture video with acceptable results for YouTube.

I promised I would give a free virtual session on Getting Started with WordPress to any of the attendees.   I’m extending this offer to any of my blog readers too. Contact me if you would like to attend.  See rollyourownblog.com for my email link.  You’ll also find the Tweetrr code for inside the firewall backchannel operation on that site.  Also contact me if you attended the session and didn’t get the handout.

I hope to hold the session by May 15, 2011 so let me know soon.


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