Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

My friend Stevie Puckett interviewed me about podcasting a few weeks back.  Though the interview is just for her subscribers at  Tech Savvy Career Coach , I’ll share one of the deliverables.   I did a bit of research and updated the list of royalty free music for podcasting. I can’t guarantee that all music found at these sites is all royalty free, but each site on the list does have at least some royalty free offerings. Remember royalty free does not mean free of charge, but free of royalty charges per play.   Yet I was able to find some completely free sources of music as well.  Also, many do not charge the even the flat fee up front fee for non-commercial uses only for commercial users. I’ve marked the sites charging fees with a dollar sign.

So check out the fine print at each site and add some life to your podcasts! And if you find some additional sources, please add them in your feedback to this blog.

Royalty Free Music Sources: free with attribution free with attribution free with attribution free with attribution free with attribution attribution, Optional $5 contribution $ but as low as $2.29 per song $ for commercial productions, free for non-commercial and students $ $ $ – This is the big list to look thru. Most sites on this list offer creative commons licensing,
but you need to verify for podcast use.



5 responses to “Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

  1. Thank you For Free Music

  2. Hi Rick!

    I’ve made the interview available to all. Here is the link.

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

  3. There are over 300 free loops that are royalty free on as well.

  4. A high quality royalty-free music and sound effects site, is worth visiting and checking out if you are looking for music or sound samples for a project. Affordable pricing and regularly updated content.

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