Giving Feedback in a Work Environment

One of the toughest tasks a manager has is giving constructive feedback.

One of the leading organizations that has tackled this issue is the The Center for Creative Leadership. It has a number of excellent resources on performance feedback. Their feedback process is called SBI for Situation, Behavior, Impact. It can be used to give positive or negative feedback without escalating the emotional content.

SITUATION: Cite it with specifics: when and where did the behaviour occur, who was there, give the context.

BEHAVIOR: What the person said, did, and/or gestured.

IMPACT: State objectively how their behavior made you feel or affected the group.

The SBI process is explained in a nutshell in their $12 booklet, “Feedback That Works“.

Of course, they have a five day course on the subject as well.

CCL is a non-profit center dedicated to building leadership excellence.

I am not affiliated with them, but I did take the five day course…. It’s awesome.


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