Project Management Certification Training

If your folks are interested in obtaining their Project Management Professional (PMP) certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) then there are two stellar programs that I have first hand experience with:

  1. Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Combo: PM Tricks of the Trade® + 2-Day PMP® Exam Prep 5 day instructor-led course .
  2. PMLG’s PMP Exam Preparation Boot Camp™ 5 day instructor-led course.

Both courses have very high pass rates. In addition there is about 160 hours of additional self-paced study required before you can reasonably be ready to sit for the exam. There is also an experience requirement for the PMP certification that amounts to about 2-3 years of full time relevant PM experience. More info at

Though I admit I’m biased, the PMP is the gold standard of project management certifications, in my opinion. Of course, having a PMP doesn’t necessarily guarantee project success! They also have more advanced certifications for program management, risk management, and others.

At the other end of the spectrum there is a very good one day “sheep dip”  course designed to give managers an intro to the basic concepts of PM by Paradigm Learning called Countdown®: A Strategy Game for Project Teams.  We have used it with good success here.

None of the courses above cover any specific PM tool. For MS Project specific training check out the LearnShare Mindleader series. (Their PMP prep courses are out of date, however.)  Good references for MS Project are the Microsoft Project Step by Step series for beginners and Eric Uyttewaal’s Dynamic Scheduling for advanced topics. The Step by Step books are good enough to serve as a self-paced course, especially if you team it with something like the Countdown or the LearnShare Corpedia PM series as a kick-off plus an in-house tutor/mentor program.


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